MAGICCON CO.,LTDis a specialist in the manufacture of contact lenses and provides competitive quality and technology to the global market based on a foundation of investment into research and production facilities. MAGICCON has established optimized and automated manufacturing equipment using exclusive production technology that was developed with abundant clinical testing experience to satisfy customer demands for healthier vision combined with safety, convenience, and aesthetic value.
MAGICCON is making an attempt to achieve its global vision and mission.

As a specialist in contact lens manufacturing, a single material has been developed that combined our steady dedicated to exclusive research and technology to combine the advantages of hard and soft lenses.
The high oxygen penetration of hard lenses combined with the high moisture and the ease of use and wearable nature of soft lenses all in a single highly functional silicone hydrogel lens. This lens maintains moisture and comfort with excellent specifications even when compared with other globally competitive products.

Using an ergonomic design that is identical to the natural curve of the cornea, tear circulation is maintained and symptoms such as bloodshot eyes are prevented in this technologically competitive product. In addition, our vision-correction products such as soft contact lenses feature high levels of safety thanks to the use of non-toxic colors certified by the FDA. These products feature unique individual designs that possess aesthetic beauty and consist of a distinguished line of cosmetic color lenses.
MAGICCON CO.,LTDis currently optimizing its production process as an export-oriented growth firm to enter overseas markets by receiving European CE certification, medical device quality management system ISO13485 certification and medical device manufacture and quality control standard assurance from GMP.